Vandalia Bronze can establish the goals of your project and create a preliminary design.  With our experience with public art, we can help you solve the problems associated with content creation, selection, and direction.
Through visual design, we can help re-brand your company’s logos, website, and overall feel – supercharging the visual power of your media interface.


Vandalia Bronze can take your idea and transform it into large scale reality, in bronze, stainless steel, resin, or any material you can imagine.  We are three-dimensional storytellers.  Vandalia Bronze can tell your story in the most dynamic way possible, through a process of sketches, designs, and models.

We enhance and inject creativity that supercharges your message.  We guide your project from design to unveiling, when your story unfolds in a way never conceived before.


Vandalia Bronze can help you with your prototype development and a wide range of mold making and casting options.


We are masters in the field of sculpture, bronze and monument design, creation, delivery, installation, and maintenance.  We can help you with any problem or question you have about a monument that exists in ideation or an ancient masterpiece that needs some tender loving care.


Vandalia Bronze can clean your monument, move it safely to another location, and even store it while renovations are being completed.  We are fully insured and ready to help you take care of your sculpture.


Vandalia Bronze can preserve any historical or sentimental monuments and small objects with our 3D scanning technology. With this vital 3D information we can assure replications, and preservations of these timeless pieces.


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Tell us the details of your project, and we’ll respond with an accurate quote and timeline for the work.

If you have an idea for a monument that you would like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to write.  Big or small, we can help you understand the possibilities of your dreams and transform them into reality.

We respond to all client feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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